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Company News

  • 2018-02-06

    On February 6, Jiuding New Materials held the first temporary shareholders' meeting in 2018, the first meeting of the ninth board of directors, and the first meeting of the ninth board of supervisors. At the meeting, the work of the ninth board of directors and the board of supervisors was successfully completed. Wang Wenyin, Miao Zhen, Gu Roujian, Feng Jianbing, Ren Zhengyong and Zhang Shu were elected as non-independent directors of the ninth board of directors of the company, and Zhong Gang, Ju Xuecheng and Zhu Jian were elected as independent directors of the ninth board of directors of the company. Jiang Yongjian, Zhang Zhufeng and Gu Zhenhua were elected as Supervisors of the Ninth Supervisory Committee. Wang Wenyin was elected as the chairman of the ninth board of directors of the company, and Miao Zhen and Gu Roujian were vice chairman of the ninth board of directors. Gu Roujian is appointed as general manager of the company, Hu Lin, Fan Xiangyang and Ren Zhengyong are appointed as deputy general managers of the company, Feng Jianbing is appointed as financial controller of the company, and Zheng Yong is appointed as secretary of the company's board of directors.

  • 2018-01-06

    On January 26, Lu Haifeng, director of the Rugao Safety Supervision Bureau, and his entourage came to Jiuding New Materials to carry out the\"Entering 100 Enterprises and Sending Safety\" campaign. Chairman Gu Qingbo and assistant general manager Zhang Youlian accompanied the reception. Director Lu and his party walked into the production workshop and carefully learned about the production site equipment facilities and safety production conditions, and inquired about the company's safety production related systems, responsibility implementation, daily hidden trouble investigation and self-inspection and self-correction in detail. He affirmed the company's efforts to increase safety and consciousness to ensure safe production. At the same time, he requested the company to further increase safety production investment, attach great importance to on-site \"6S \" management, and accelerate the transformation of explosive dust-removing equipment facilities. After the on-site inspection, Director Lu gave a safety presentation on the theme of\"Let safety escort life\" to the company team leader and above management personnel. In an hour and a half of safety preaching, Director Lu stood all the way without drinking a sip of water, and the content of the preaching was very grounded.

  • 2017-12-01

    In order to implement the\"Opinions on Creating a Healthy Growth Environment for Entrepreneurs and Enhancing Excellent Entrepreneurship to Better Play the Role of Entrepreneurs\" by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, promote the excellent entrepreneurial spirit in the building materials industry, give full play to the role of entrepreneurs, and create innovative and innovative A new atmosphere promotes the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry. The China Building Materials Enterprise Management Association and the China Building Materials News Agency jointly launched the 2017 National Building Materials Industry Outstanding Entrepreneur Selection Activity. After application, recommendation, initial evaluation, final review and public announcement, 98 comrades such as Gu Qingbo, Chairman of Jiuding New Materials, were awarded the title of\"Outstanding Entrepreneur of National Building Materials Industry in 2017\".

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