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Director Lu of the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau and his entourage came to Jiuding New Materials to carry out the\"\" Entering a hundred enterprises and delivering safety\"\"

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On January 26, Lu Haifeng, director of the Rugao Safety Supervision Bureau, and his entourage came to Jiuding New Materials to carry out the\"Entering 100 Enterprises and Sending Safety\" campaign. Chairman Gu Qingbo and assistant general manager Zhang Youlian accompanied the reception.

Director Lu and his party walked into the production workshop and carefully learned about the production site equipment facilities and safety production conditions, and inquired about the company's safety production related systems, responsibility implementation, daily hidden trouble investigation and self-inspection and self-correction in detail. He affirmed the company's efforts to increase safety and consciousness to ensure safe production. At the same time, he requested the company to further increase safety production investment, attach great importance to on-site \"6S \" management, and accelerate the transformation of explosive dust-removing equipment facilities.

After the on-site inspection, Director Lu gave a safety presentation on the theme of\"Let safety escort life\" to the company team leader and above management personnel. In an hour and a half of safety preaching, Director Lu stood all the way without drinking a sip of water, and the content of the preaching was very grounded. \"Safety supervision work only makes sense in front, because life can not be repeated. \" Director Lu said that accidents in the field of safety production are often accidental, but behind the accident is its inevitability. The original intention of the\"\" Send 100 Enterprises to Send Safety\"\" is to hope to conduct on-site inspections through in-depth enterprises, and then carry out targeted safety lectures on the discovered problems to eliminate potential safety hazards in the bud.

After the safety publicity event, Chairman Gu Qingbo expressed his gratitude to Director Lu and other leaders of the safety supervision department for their long-term care and support for the company. It consciously assumes all the work and corresponding responsibilities of safety production management, continuously improves the safety management level, and promotes the implementation of the responsibility of the company's safety production main body in place. (He Yuan, Safety Supervision Department)

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