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Zhang Li, the deputy secretary of the Organization Department of the Nantong Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee \"Two New \" Working Committee, and his party came to Jiuding to carry out the investigation of the party building work

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In the morning of June 11, Zhang Li, a member of the Nantong Municipal Party Committee Organization Department and deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee \"Two New \" Working Committee, accompanied by the city leaders Chen Shi and Peng Zhijun, went to Jiuding to investigate the party building work. The chairman of the trade union and the party committee Committee member Jiang Yongjian and party committee member Gu Zhenhua warmly received the research team.

The research team first visited Jiuding's Party Building Cultural Corridor and listened to the report on the company's basic situation and the development of the party building work. Subsequently, the research team and Jiuding participants conducted in-depth discussions on the difficulties in grassroots party building and how to strengthen enterprise party building.
Secretary Zhang fully affirmed Jiuding's achievements in party building. It is pointed out: First, we must determine the position of the party in the enterprise, the party is the representative of the enterprise, and the party organization is an indispensable political core; second, we must integrate party building with the current work, and always make grassroots party building work in line with the new situation, new requirements, and The new expectations of the masses are adapted to and coincide with each other, to achieve the deep integration and mutual promotion of party building work and business work; third, the goal of unity of party and enterprise and unity of people and enterprise should be implemented to consolidate the strength of employees and start \"double training \" In the project, we must give full play to the role of grassroots party organizations as a fighting fortress and a vanguard role model of Communist Party members, continuously develop and strengthen grassroots organizations at all levels, improve the combat effectiveness, cohesion, and centripetal force of grassroots organizations and party members, and better serve the broad masses of the people. Secretary Zhang hopes that the Jiuding Party Committee can make persistent efforts, further innovate its work ideas, actively explore new models of enterprise party building work, constantly improve the long-term mechanism of party building work, and promote party building work to a new level. (The Party and the masses organized Pei Pei)

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