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Yan Shibin, vice chairman of the CPPCC, Zhang Jun, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions condolences Jiuding New Materials

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News from this newspaper has entered the three days, the high temperature continues, the sun is like fire. On July 23, Yan Shibin, Vice Chairman of Rugao CPPCC, and Zhang Jun, Vice Chairman of Rugao Federation of Trade Unions, arrived at Jiuding New Materials. Jiang Yongjian, chairman of the company's labor union, accompanied the delegation to the post-processing workshop of the wheel network The majority of employees on the front line sent warmstroke and warming condolences, expressing sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to them.

Chairman Yan emphasized that all workshops should implement measures for heatstroke prevention and cooling in accordance with the requirements of summer heatstroke prevention and cooling, reasonably arrange working hours, and popularize knowledge about heatstroke prevention and heatstroke first aid. At the same time, it is hoped that the majority of employees will do a good job of personal protection and devote more energy to the front line of production to ensure that the front line employees spend a safe, hygienic and cool summer.

The sympathy and sympathy from the sympathy team and the company is like the cool breeze in the summer, which refreshes the hearts of the employees and stimulates the enthusiasm of the employees. All the frontline workers who were comforted expressed that they would do their job well and do their best to live up to the care of their leaders. (Party and Mass Office Wang Hailing)

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