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The regular meeting of the chairman of the union of Rucheng Sub-district is in Jiuding

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In the morning of September 7, the regular meeting of the chairman of the trade union of Rucheng Street was held in Jiuding. Zhou Tairong, Chairman of Rugao Federation of Trade Unions, Cheng Laibin, Director of the Office, Sha Haijun, Liu Liang, Chairman of Rucheng Sub-district Federation of Trade Unions, as well as the chairman of the union of more than 30 enterprises in townships and union workers participated in the meeting.

Jiang Yongjian, chairman of the Jiuding Group Trade Union, accompanied the participants to visit the Jiuding Staff Home, Jiuding New Material Warp Knitting Workshop and Grinding Wheel Workshop. Jiang Yongjian introduced that, with the aim of\"serving employees\", the union of the Jiuding Group, with the strong support of the party committee and administration of the group, opened up positions, increased investment, and planned and established an activity room, a labor dispute mediation room, and a loving mother and baby. The staff homes of the six function rooms of the laboratories, Gu Qingbo ’s model laboratories, library, and party and archives rooms. Next, the union will continue to improve and perfect \"workers’ homes \". During the visit to the warp knitting workshop and grinding wheel net workshop, Jiang Yongjian introduced the development status and main products of Jiuding New Materials.

At the meeting, Jiang Yongjian also shared the trade union work experience. He said that we insist on incorporating trade union work into the overall development of the company, carry out labor skills competitions, technological innovation activities, improve the overall quality of employees, promote the construction of corporate culture, and guide employees to participate in the construction and development of the company; we adhere to \"effective protection of rights \" Basic functions, actively build a harmonious labor relationship, strengthen labor supervision and labor protection, pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees, care for employees of vulnerable groups, and seriously solve the most direct, practical and practical interests of employees, and improve the ability to serve employees; we continue to Deepen the co-construction of party workers, establish a linkage mechanism of party workers groups, continuously improve the quality of trade union cadres, strengthen the management of trade union funds, and enhance the vitality of trade union organizations. In the future work, the trade union will continue to uphold the purpose of doing well the\"workers 'mothers' family\", serve the employees wholeheartedly, protect the rights and interests of the employees, support the development of the enterprise, and contribute to the economic development of Rugao.

At the meeting, Liu Liang, the chairman of the Rucheng Sub-district Federation of Trade Unions, summarized the work of the Rucheng Sub-district Trade Union in the previous year and set the tasks for the next stage of the union's work.

Finally, the chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Zhou Tairong, put forward work requirements for all staff. He said that the two basic functions of trade union service development and staff service should be carefully implemented, the trade union should be changed regularly, and the workers ’congress should be held as scheduled. To carry out a literary and arts show during the meeting, an interactive mechanism for the chairman of the enterprise's trade unions should be established, with the old leading the young and the large leading the small, to jointly promote the healthy development of Rugao's trade union work. (Yao Jing, Party and Mass Office)

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