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The leaders of the Nantong Youth League Party Committee visited Jiuding New Materials and carried out a new-generation entrepreneur visit

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On May 30th, the Youth League Municipal Committee carried out a \"New City Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs’ Visit \"activity, Lu Lin, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Nantong Municipal Committee, Qin Jianjun, Director of the Enterprise Development Division of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, Nantong Commerce Bureau He Haibin, deputy director of the department, and Cui Jin, secretary of the Communist Youth League Rugao Municipal Committee, and his party visited the company for investigation and visit. Representatives of new-generation entrepreneurs, vice presidents, directors, and member candidates of the 4th Nantong Youth Chamber of Commerce, top ten outstanding (new cutting-edge) young entrepreneurs of the 2nd Nantong City, heads of Nantong Investment Promotion and Industrial Banking Business Division, etc. Activities.

The company's general manager Gu Roujian accompanied the leaders to visit the grinding wheel workshop and warp knitting workshop, and introduced the company's production and operation, main business, and fist products. In the afternoon, Gu Roujian and other new-generation entrepreneurs participated in the symposium organized by the Youth League Committee, focusing on the main difficulties and problems encountered in the production and operation of enterprises under the current economic situation; how to deepen reform, transformation and innovation, optimize structure, policy implementation, and factor guarantee; Nantong's development environment and opportunities, and how the new generation of entrepreneurs have grown into talents, communicated and exchanged in three aspects.

The Economic and Information Commission of Nantong City introduced the development situation of the city ’s industrial economy, and expressed that it would give more policy support to eligible youth business enterprises. Banks and other financial institutions brought practical financial product information to the entrepreneurs present and committed themselves to the CPPCC To support the development and growth of physical enterprises. Lu Lin, deputy secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Nantong City, after listening to the entrepreneur ’s briefing on enterprise development, production and operation, took the initiative to contact the issues reflected on the spot and coordinate on the spot to help the entrepreneurs come up with ideas, find solutions, and improve profits. In the next step, the Municipal Youth Chamber of Commerce will create a new type of cooperation and exchange platform for young entrepreneurs, provide \"personal \" services for enterprise development, and create an excellent environment for everyone to grow up. (Song Huiwen, General Manager of Jiuding New Materials)

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