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The fun games are fiercely developed

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-14      Origin: Site

On the afternoon of May 14th, under the scorching sun, the eighth Group Fun Games was held in the Olympic Sports Center. More than 400 games from 10 branch unions participated in the event.

This fun game has 5 fun sports and teamwork sports, including tug-of-war, running together, invincible hot wheels, hula hoop walking and kangaroo jump relay. Each branch union actively trains and prepares carefully before the game, and everyone on the field is also struggling and pioneering. The athletes competed fiercely, and the cheerleaders also tried their best. The shouts and cheers filled the whole game scene.

After many rounds of competition, the deep-processed product two-point trade union won the first overall team score and the tug-of-war championship. The invincible Hot Wheels and Hula Hoop race walking champions were also won by two teams of deep-processed product two-point trade unions. First place in the jump relay.

The holding of the Fun Games enriches the spare time of all employees, allows everyone to experience the spirit of unity and cooperation in the fun and happiness of the sport, cultivates a sense of collective honor and competition, and enables everyone to devote themselves to their work in a fuller state. Strive to achieve corporate strategic goals. (Song Huiwen, General Manager of Jiuding New Materials)

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