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The first "Notary · Lawyer Protecting Enterprise Workstation" in Rugao City was inaugurated in Jiuding

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On August 27th, the inaugural ceremony of the first "Notarization · Lawyer Protection Enterprise Workstation" in Rugao and the activity of "Civil Code" popularization of law was held grandly in Jiuding. Lu Yanlin, director of the Municipal Bureau of Justice, Chen Chunhua, director of the Municipal Notary Public Office, Zhang Feng, director of Jiangsu Yinglian Law Firm, and others attended the event. Senior executives of jiuding, partners of responsible bodies, middle-level and above managers, and all staff of departments and product departments participated in this activity.

Lu Yanlin, director of the Bureau of Justice, delivered a speech. The city's judicial administrative system actively responded to the requirements of the superior party and government, providing enterprises with a full range of legal services in a variety of ways, and choosing a brand new legal service mode -- notary and lawyer protection enterprise workstation. Taking Jiuding as the first stop is the result of the combination of the development concept of Jiuding enterprise, the legal demand and the public legal service concept. It is hoped that the staff of Jiuding Station will do a good job in the notary and lawyer protection enterprise workstation in accordance with the service concept of "1, 2 and 3". To adhere to a oriented, closely focused on the needs of enterprises; Integrate the two forces to ensure the development of enterprises; Expand the three major platforms, with the help of technology to empower. We believe that Jiuding enterprise will move from one brilliant to another under the legal protection of Jiuding workstation.

General Manager of Jiuding New Material Gu Rojian said that the first "Notary · LawyerProtecting Enterprise Work Station" in Rugao was established in Jiuding, which is a great event for Jiuding, marking that our company's legal culture construction is about to step into a new era. This will further help enterprises to accurately understand and apply laws and regulations, improve their awareness of risk prevention, and protect their legitimate rights and interests. Further improve the enterprise's rule of law concept and level of rule of law, standardize business behavior, enhance business operation level, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises; Further promote the enterprise to realize the "ten billion, nine hundred years nine tripod" dream, promote the harmonious development of enterprises and society.

Subsequently, Lu Yanlin and Gu Rojian jointly inaugurated the "Notary · Lawyer Protecting Enterprise Workstation".

After the opening ceremony, Yang Jie, a lawyer from Yinglian Law Firm, preached the Civil Code. In order to meet the needs of enterprise development, Yang Jie explained the changes related to business transactions from eight aspects, such as commercial contract, guarantor responsibility, priority, mortgaged property and right of residence.

The establishment of the workstation can provide reliable legal protection for enterprises, thus boosting the development of enterprises. In addition, all the staff of jiuding will take this publicity activity as a new starting point, and actively study legal knowledge while ensuring the stable development of daily work.

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