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The delegation of Taicang Youth Chamber of Commerce visited Jiuding

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-25      Origin: Site

In order to further promote the exchange and cooperation of young entrepreneurs in Taicang and Rugao, a delegation of 13 from the delegation of Taicang Youth Chamber of Commerce in Shao Min, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Taicang City and Yang Chunyu, chairman of the Youth Chamber of Commerce Under his leadership, he came to Jiuding New Materials to visit and investigate. Cui Jin, Secretary of Tuan City Committee of Rugao City, Gu Wei, Deputy Secretary of Tuan City Committee of Rugao City, and Gu Roujian, General Manager of Jiuding New Materials and President of Rugao Youth Chamber of Commerce, warmly received the research team.

Under the leadership of General Manager Gu Roujian, the research team visited the Jiuding New Material Products Exhibition Hall, Warp Knitting Workshop, Storage Tank Workshop and Blade Workshop. General manager Gu Roujian introduced the overall situation, main business and main products of Jiuding New Materials to the research team. By communicating with each other, everyone can increase understanding and learn from each other.

The active exchanges between the two parties in this survey have achieved good results, and have built a good platform for the youth of the two places. It has also further promoted the integration and development of young entrepreneurs in the two places, and has helped to enhance the friendship between the two chambers of commerce. The future cooperation of Diqing Businessmen laid the foundation.

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