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The bid for the waffle board project was successful, and the mold workshop ushered in red August

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-24      Origin: Site

When you walk into the mold workshop, you will see the red molds on both sides of the tunnel. Red is a festive color. The successful bidding of the waffle board project ushered in red August in the mold workshop.

Project engineering, time is tight, tasks are urgent, mold is the leader, so the production of mold has become the first focus of everyone.

On August 4, the department leaders organized an emergency meeting for everyone, combined with project delivery and resource organization to determine the number of molds required, arrange mold production plans, and coordinate the manpower of each workshop to focus on the overhaul of molds.

On August 7, the mold workshop will successively train personnel from various departments to transfer jobs, and rationally divide the work according to the advantages of each member's position in the original workshop, organize personnel to work in shifts, and grab time, progress and efficiency. The weather was very hot, and the employees were sweating like sweat. Although the sweat drenched the clothes of the whole body, they refused to let it drip on the mold, just like caring for their children, for fear of affecting the quality of the mold. Although they are a temporary team of troops from various departments, they have no complaints. They take the old into the new, learn from each other's strengths, cooperate with each other, and enjoy each other's happiness. Everyone is fighting in their respective positions in silence.

The production of molds is currently steadily advancing according to the layout plan. It is expected that by the end of August, all staff will successfully complete the production of more than 170 molds and deliver them to various production workshops one after another.

Red mold, red August, a vibrant scene ... (Jiuding New Materials General Products Department Zhang Suqin)

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