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The New Momentum of Qingshang Business School Phase One (Nantong Station) was held at Jiuding New Materials

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-03-31      Origin: Site

Newsletter On March 31, the first mobile course (Nantong Station) of New Power Qing Business School was held in the No. 1 meeting room of Building No. 6 of Jiuding New Materials.

Wang Minghao, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Nantong Municipal Committee; Zhang Qiang, Minister of Youth Development Department of the Communist Youth League Nantong Municipal Committee; Chen Xinyu, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League Rugao Municipal Committee; Chen Houqing, General Manager of Jiangsu Qunye Electric Co., Ltd .; Shi Na, General Manager of Changzhou Huitian New Materials Co., Ltd., etc. There are more than 20 young entrepreneurs involved in machinery and equipment manufacturing, electronic appliances, modern agriculture, commercial circulation, catering and accommodation, etc., and have a wide range of representation.

This event is the training plan of the New Power Qing Business School on leading new generation entrepreneurs in Jiangsu Province. In particular, Professor Mao Ning from the Department of Business Administration of the School of Business of Nanjing University was invited to explain the course of \"Financial Management Based on Value Creation\", and then studied the salon \"Corporate Financial Management\". All young entrepreneurs spoke freely and asked Professor Mao Ning about financial matters. Problem, the interaction between teachers and students is very full.

Under the leadership of Yang Naikun, General Manager of Building Materials Products Department, the students of New Power Qing Business School visited the exhibition hall on the first floor of Jiuding New Materials and learned about the company's main products and operations; they then visited the warp knitting workshop and the grinding wheel workshop.

Entrepreneur representatives presented Jiuding new material gifts-\"Yunjin\" as a souvenir. (The Party and the masses organized Pei Pei)

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