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Symposium of the City Youth Chamber of Commerce Enterprise Group was held in Jiuding New Materials

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According to the overall deployment of Rugao's new round of reform and opening-up and the comprehensive construction of a high-level well-off society in order to ensure the smooth convening of the second membership meeting of the Rugao Youth Chamber of Commerce, the leading group of the preparatory work for the conference A symposium of member representatives was organized in the conference room of Jiuding New Materials. The meeting was chaired by Cui Jin, secretary of the Rugao Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, and Gu Wei, deputy secretary.

The representatives of the members who participated in the symposium included 10 young entrepreneurs including Gu Roujian, general manager of Jiangsu Jiuding New Materials Co., Ltd., Cao Mingkai of Nantong Taihua Hotel Co., Ltd., and Shen Hengjia of Rugao Xuri Packaging Paper Co., Ltd. Electronic appliances, modern agriculture, commercial circulation, catering and accommodation, as well as 7 towns such as towns, Dongchen town, Jiang'an town, and Baipu town, are widely represented.

At the meeting, young entrepreneurs talked freely, introduced their entrepreneurial experience and business scope, and enhanced their mutual understanding. At the same time, everyone also discussed the current economic and trade situation, the development prospects of the industry, and how economic development and environmental protection are mutually beneficial.

The general manager of the company Gu Roujian introduced the company's business situation and corporate vision to everyone, and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber composite materials and their application prospects in automobiles with member representatives of the automotive industry.

Finally, everyone expressed their honour to join the Youth Chamber of Commerce, looking forward to seeking business opportunities, resource sharing, and win-win cooperation on a platform like the Youth Chamber of Commerce, and I wish the second meeting of the Rugao Youth Chamber of Commerce to be successfully held. (Party and Mass Office Wang Hailing)

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