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Shandong Jiuding conducts various forms of amoeba learning

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News from May this year, Shandong Jiuding has carried out comprehensive amoeba learning activities within the company. According to the arrangement of \"Shandong Jiuding Ameba Learning Promotion Plan\", the company established the Ameba Learning Center Group and three study groups of Chiyao Product Department, Deep Processing Product Department and Departments. At the same time, it also formulated the \"Learning Ameba Award Assessment\" Method\". In order to make the training more in line with the company's reality, the company's main leaders personally prepared teaching materials and personally trained the management backbone. Since May, a total of 9 training activities have been carried out.

In order to deepen the understanding of Amoeba's \"Kyocera Philosophy\" and make Amoeba philosophy and practical learning organically, the company launched a TCD proposal call-out activity to propose improvements to reduce production costs and improve work efficiency, and the backbone of the market, production, technology and management. 36 items are recommended, and 5 best proposals and 5 excellent proposals will be selected and rewarded.

According to the advancement plan, the management backbone will recite 10 minutes of \"Six Items\" every day; every Thursday morning, middle and senior management and functional personnel will read \"Six Items\" and share their thoughts.

On July 26, Shandong Jiuding held the Amoeba-Six-Plan Advanced Experience Exchange Meeting. Chi Kiln Product Department, Deep Processing Product Department and departments recommended a total of 11 representatives to speak, and talked about the understanding and understanding of \"Six Item Advanced\" Understand and explain in plain language that only by putting effort no less than anyone else, with a humble, grateful, altruistic attitude, always checking your thoughts and actions, not forgetting your original intentions, and moving forward, you can realize your dreams and talents. Realize the value of life in the success and development of Jiuding. (Shandong Jiuding Feng Xiaolin)

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