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Rugao Industrial Park (Rucheng Sub-district) Limited Space Operation Safety Production Promotion on-site meeting will be held in Jiuding New Materials

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News from August 31st 3:00 pm Rugao Industrial Park (Rucheng Street) limited space operation safety production work promotion site meeting will be held in Jiuding New Materials. Attending the meeting were Ru Aiqun, director of the Urban Security Supervision Bureau, Li Zhijun and Jia Chunhua, deputy directors, representatives of 17 enterprises involved in limited space operations in Rugao Industrial Park, our company ’s safety director, staff of the enterprise management department, and relevant production workshop leaders, totaling More than 40 people.

The meeting was chaired by Li Zhijun, Deputy Director of Rucheng Safety Supervision Bureau, and was divided into two agendas. First, all the staff visited the safety protection facilities, warning signs, MSDS and other management and control measures on the site of the tank farm, and observed the cleaning process of the reactor in the rubber workshop and the poisoning emergency rescue drill.

Then, the participants returned to the venue, and Shen Xinghai, the director of the Safety Committee Office, introduced the experience of safety management in limited space operations, mainly from the following 7 aspects: ① Strengthen publicity and education training, improve the awareness of safety operations in limited spaces; For limited space operations, establish a limited space safety management account; ③strictly implement the limited space operation approval system; ④strengthen the training of operating personnel and increase the awareness of the safety red line; Identify and implement safety and security measures; ⑦ organize hidden trouble investigations and implement corrective measures in a timely manner.

At the end of the meeting, the Safety Supervision Bureau made a comment and made three work requirements: ① Seriously learn the lessons of limited space safety accidents, attach great importance to limited space safety training, and strengthen the safety awareness of limited space related operators through accident warning education. ②Conscientiously implement the spirit of documents at all levels, further grasp the implementation of preventive measures, do a good job in the investigation and identification of limited space, re-confirm the operating conditions, refine the operating process, organize drills for the emergency process, and implement the prevention of all safety work Measures to prevent risky operations and blind rescue. ③Conscientiously implement the spirit of \"three musts\": the main responsibility of safe production in limited space must be implemented; the management and control of the work site must be strengthened, especially the management of outsourced operations; the process of limited space operations must be further refined to improve emergency rescue plans and drills .

After the meeting, Director Mao took part in communication with Gu Qingbo, chairman of Jiuding Group, thanked Jiuding for setting an example for the park, and promised to provide timely and accurate support and services for the safe development of Jiuding. (Shen Xinghai, Jiuding New Materials Enterprise Management Department)

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