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Provincial Party Committee Key Reform Task Special Inspection Team Visited Jiuding

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-06      Origin: Site

On July 6, Zhang Jisheng, leader of the special supervision group for the key reform tasks of the Provincial Party Committee, Zhang Xuecai, deputy director of the Provincial Editing Office and deputy leader of the supervision group, and other delegations were accompanied by city leaders such as the Standing Committee of Rugao Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor Ding Feng. Next, visit Jiuding. Gu Qingbo, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiuding Group, received and introduced the development of Jiuding New Materials to the leaders of the inspection team in recent years.

During the visit to the warp knitting workshop and the grindstone workshop, Zhang Jisheng, the leader of the inspection team, fully affirmed the development of the enterprise and carefully asked about the difficulties encountered by the enterprise in the development. Chairman Gu Qingbo said that the current difficulty in recruiting workers is a big problem for enterprises, especially college students. The lack of workers in the workshop can be solved by realizing intelligent and automated production, but if the enterprise lacks college students or higher-level talents, it will not be possible to cultivate entrepreneurs in the long run. Economic and social development and the improvement of overall national strength require a large number of enterprises with core competitiveness to play a role. Entrepreneurs, as the main body of economic activities, have played an irreplaceable and important role. The state and society should pay attention to the cultivation and development of entrepreneurs To introduce policies to guide and encourage more college students to choose employment in enterprises, and lay a talent base for cultivating more outstanding entrepreneurs. He believes that China must have more outstanding entrepreneurs and run more first-class enterprises before China can become a World-class power.

The inspection team affirmed Gu Qingbo's views on the importance of cultivating and developing entrepreneurs and expressed great importance. He will report to the Provincial Party Committee and follow-up interview with Chairman Gu Qingbo on this issue. (Party and Mass Office Wang Hailing)

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