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Non-alkali glass fiber wheel reinforced mesh

The non-alkali glass fiber grinding wheel reinforced mesh fabric is a woven fabric made of glass fiber yarn treated with a silane coupling agent. The organization is divided into two categories: plain weave and twisted weave. Good, flat surface and other characteristics, it is the base material of glass fiber reinforced grinding wheel.

1. Good chemical stability: alkali resistance, acid resistance, chemical resistance

2. High strength and high modulus

3. Good dimensional stability, stiffness, flatness, not easy to shrink and deform

4. Fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation and insulation

Glass composition Microstructure Warp density Weft density Width Weight

Take EG6.5 * 5.4-115 / 190 as an example:

Glass composition: C means medium alkali, E means no alkali;
Organization structure: G means twisted weave, P means plain weave;
Warp density: indicates the density of warp yarns every 25mm;
Weft density: indicates the density of yarn in every 25mm weft direction;
Width: 115 means the width of the cloth;
Gram weight: 190 means mass per unit area;

Base material of alkali-free glass fiber reinforced mesh


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