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Large-scale open web test equipment of Profile Products Department put into use as scheduled

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In recent years, large pultruded hollow webs have become one of the main products of the Profile Products Division, and also an iconic product that reflects our pultrusion technology and pultrusion production capacity. How to improve the bearing strength of large hollow webs is the key point of product design and production process control. Product lay-up structure and compound formulation design, process improvement, production process control quality, etc. all require fast test results to analyze and promote process improvement and innovation. However, it turns out that our testing work relies on large presses in the SMC workshop. Each test requires an appointment and needs to be interspersed between their working gaps. It usually takes more than 3 days from pultrusion of the open web to the test results. Such testing speed is obviously very detrimental to our design, verification and improvement work. Therefore, it is particularly important to design and produce a small set of test equipment that can quickly test the results.

Do what you say, under the excellent performance management model, we have already developed the habit of quick response. The workshop immediately organized Fan Cunrong, Liu Yong, Zhou Shengfeng and other relevant personnel to discuss, identify the requirements of each test step, and determine the design plan. Everyone repeatedly considered each detail, each size, and each material requirement. . During the production process, Fan Cunrong stared closely at the scene, and worked with the fitter and the welder master to implement every detail in the discussion process. In this way, it took a total of 5 days from the idea to the completion of the production. In the process, the workshop also discussed and formulated the \"Safety Operation Rules for Open Web Test\" and trained the test operators. The equipment was tested immediately after its completion, and it was a one-time success.

Now, the test equipment is placed next to the pultrusion production line, which can be tested at any time, providing the fastest test results for process improvement verification, new product, new layer, new formula design verification. (Ding Yong, New Material and Profile Workshop of Jiuding)

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