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Jiuding people sang\"Me and My Motherland\" affectionately and dedicated the most sincere wishes to the motherland

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-25      Origin: Site

On June 24, the 70th birthday celebration of the motherland created by Jiuding was flashed-\"Me and My Motherland\" was officially released.

When the crisp and sweet piano sound was accompanied by the vicissitudes of recitation, when the bright red flag fluttered in the Jiuding factory area in the east of Rugao, more than 600 employees from Jiuding production, technology, marketing, management positions gathered together and sang A song that shows the attitude of industrial workers in the new era to work actively and live a passionate life; they spell out different words such as \"Motherland \", \"70 \", \"九鼎 \", and show enterprises and employees with the most simple actions Love for the motherland, love for enterprises.

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