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Jiuding organizes special training on hidden trouble investigation, governance and safety inspection

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-21      Origin: Site

June is National Safety Production Month. According to the company's\"Notice on Carrying Out the\" Safety Month in 2019\"\", Jiuding invited Li Zhijun, Deputy Director of Rucheng Safety Supervision Bureau, to the company on the afternoon of June 21st. Hidden hazard investigation and management and safety inspection special training, the training was conducted in the large conference room on the third floor of Jiuding New Materials, and the management personnel of the product department and production workshop team leaders of various companies participated in the training.

From the aspects of hidden danger investigation and management and safety inspection, Director Li focused on the classification of hidden dangers, the basic methods of hidden danger management, the classification of dangerous sources, the identification methods of dangerous sources and hidden dangers, the rectification requirements of hidden dangers, the relationship between dangerous sources and accidents and hidden dangers, As well as the types, methods, and contents of safety inspections, they combined with Rugao's accident cases over the years to give a simple explanation.
Zhou Zhixin, Deputy Director of Jiuding New Material Safety, put forward three requirements. One is that business must manage safety, and production must manage safety. This is a requirement of laws and regulations. Each person in charge must always pay attention to safety production, especially when the business is busy, the safety sensitivity must be increased, and the work must be implemented at the same time. Safety requirements; secondly, each department should advance the safety month activities according to schedule and quality, and through various practical operations, effectively improve the safety management capabilities of personnel; thirdly, each department should combine the actuality of the department, according to the training requirements, seriously Do a good job in hidden trouble investigation and management and safety inspection, find problems through on-site inspection, check the problems in safety management and improve the safety management system.
Finally, the company organized the participants to carry out the online answering activity of the\"2019 National Safety Production Month Series of Dangerous Chemicals and National Safety Emergency Knowledge Contest\", and at the same time required all departments to organize workshop employees to participate in the answering, so that all employees participated and shared Learn and accumulate safety knowledge to enhance safety production awareness. (Ding Yu, Enterprise Management Department)

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