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Jiuding holds 2019 special meeting on product and technology development plan

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-10      Origin: Site

In the afternoon of July 10, Chairman of the Group Gu Qingbo chaired the special meeting of Jiuding's 2019 product and technology development plan in the large conference room. Jiuding executives, relevant persons in charge of companies and responsible bodies and key personnel participated in this meeting .

At the meeting, Chairman Gu Qingbo introduced the company's development in terms of operation, technology, management, market and human resources in detail. Combining with the changes in the international and domestic environment, he pointed out that firstly, it is necessary to live in peace and danger and constantly innovate in products, technology and management; secondly, it is necessary to clarify its own risks and develop new sets of products to provide systematic solutions for customers; Standards, to solve problems such as quality, cost, and employment; Fourth, we must take cooperation as an opportunity to learn and improve from partners with an open mind, and establish long-term cooperative relationships based on the level of management.

Chairman Gu Qingbo emphasized that as long as the technology, quality and cost are leading, good benefits can be finally obtained. He pointed out that under the new situation, Jiuding's current and future development status is at a good level. The current good business development status of the company depends on the government's support for the real economy and national policy dividends. Therefore, we must enhance our sense of responsibility and urgency, see our own problems, and enhance our core competitiveness in all aspects.

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