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Jiuding New Materials was once again announced by the Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce as an enterprise\"abiding by contracts and keeping promises\"

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In order to enhance the enterprise's awareness of honesty and trustworthiness, guide more enterprises to operate in good faith in accordance with the law, actively create a healthy and orderly market operation environment, and promote the construction of a social integrity system, according to the\"Provincial Provincial Contract Observation and Trustworthy Enterprise Publicity Measures\" and the 2015-2016 Provincial Level \"Contract-honoring and Credibility \" Enterprise Publicity Work Notice\", Jiangsu Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce recently announced the 2015-2016 Provincial-level \" Credit-keeping and Credibility\"through the China Consumer News \"List of companies. Jiuding New Materials is one of the 1946 companies that continue to make public announcements.

Over the years, Jiuding New Materials has always regarded integrity construction as one of the important contents of corporate culture construction. Adhering to the operating principle of\"achieving a win-win situation with integrity\", the company has achieved steady and healthy development. It has been rated as \"Nantong City Credit Enterprise \", \"Nantong City Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise \", \"Nantong Private Enterprise Cultural Construction Demonstration Enterprise \", \"Jiangsu Provincial Contract-abiding Credit Enterprise \", the country Grade \"Contract-stressing and creditworthy enterprise \". (Han Minggen, General Manager's Office)

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