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Jiuding New Materials participated in the 2019 Spring Fair

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From April 15th to 19th, 2019, the 119th China Import and Export Fair was held at the Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center. The Canton Fair is currently China ’s longest history, highest level, largest scale, most comprehensive product category, and the largest number of buyers and The comprehensive international trade event with the widest distribution and the best transaction effect in the country is known as \"\" China's First Exhibition \"\".

The exhibition was led by Yang Naikun, the head of the Construction Reinforcement and Adhesive Products Department. The professional sales personnel from the product department and the domestic and foreign sales participated in the exhibition, which fully displayed the company's construction materials, decorative materials and various adhesive products, and won praise from professional audience . Customers from all over the world communicated with our exhibitors, discussed cooperation, and achieved good results.

The company's exhibitors collected hundreds of customer information, further expanding the customer information database. A few days ago, customer information has been collated and distributed to relevant regional salesmen for follow-up contact, and many customers have responded. It is believed that through this Canton Fair, the company's market will be further expanded. (Ding Penghui, Department of Building Enhancement and Adhesive Products)

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