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Jiuding New Materials participated in China International Composite Materials Exhibition

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News from September 5-7, Jiuding New Materials and its subsidiary Shandong Jiuding participated in the 24th China International Composites Exhibition held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. The exhibition was led by Fan Xiangyang, Deputy General Manager of Jiuding New Materials, Cao Zhengbing, Deputy Chief Engineer of Shandong Jiuding, Jiuding New Material Grille, Profiles, General, Composite Reinforcement and other product departments and Shandong Jiuding sent personnel to participate in the exhibition. At the same time, from Jiuding New Materials More than 70 people visited the meeting, including the marketing, production, and technology of the various product departments of Timber and Shandong Jiuding.

China International Composites Exhibition has always been adhering to the development concept of \"inheriting development, pioneering and innovative\", and as the \"wind vane\" of the domestic composite material industry, it has obtained the technical level of the composite material industry and the professional authority exchange platform After receiving unanimous praise, it has successfully attracted internationally renowned composite materials companies and the most advanced technologies and products to show and communicate at the exhibition, so that domestic composite materials companies and users can appreciate international cutting-edge composite materials technology and master global composite materials without going abroad. The latest developments in the industry.

In this exhibition, the company exhibited composite materials such as chopped felt, checkered fabric, seam felt, glass fiber reinforced plastic grille, profile, car bumper, shower room chassis, etc., which attracted many domestic and foreign customers to visit the booth. New customers come to the booth for detailed information about the products they care about. Old customers visit the booth to conduct face-to-face communication with relevant personnel, strengthen communication, deepen feelings and enhance understanding.

Through this exhibition, enterprise products once again gather together with industry benchmark products, which is an opportunity for enterprises to learn, and also shows the strength and image of the enterprise. This exhibition allows us to better understand the development trend of the composite material industry and lay a solid foundation for companies to better product and market positioning.

In the follow-up, we will continue to maintain good old customers, classify the collected customer profile information, track communication, and maximize the effectiveness of the exhibition. (Yi Xiyan, Jiuding New Materials Composite Materials Division)

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