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Jiuding New Materials organized training on the preparation of emergency plans

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-06-27      Origin: Site

On the afternoon of June 27th, Jiuding New Materials organized training on the preparation of guidelines for emergency plans, and the heads of product departments, heads of workshops, and full-time and part-time safety officers participated in the training. The training was lectured by Shen Xinghai, Enterprise Management Department.

According to GB / T29639-2013\"Guidelines for the Preparation of Emergency Response Plans for Production Safety Accidents of Production and Operating Units\", Shen Xinghai first introduced the system composition and preparation procedures of emergency plans based on the case and the actual situation of the company, and then focused on the comprehensive emergency plan, special emergency plan, The main contents of the three types of emergency plans such as the on-site disposal plan were explained in detail, and finally the company's emergency plan preparation and revision work was arranged.

The emergency plan is a work plan formulated in advance for effectively preventing and controlling possible accidents and minimizing the accidents and causing damage. The emergency plan helps to identify hidden dangers, understand the occurrence mechanism of emergencies, and clarify the scope and system of emergency rescue, so that all aspects of emergency response and handling can be followed and improve the level of emergency management. (Zhou Zhixin, Corporate Management Department)

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