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Jiuding New Materials \"ding \" brand trademark was elected \"My favorite Nantong top ten trademark \"

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-07      Origin: Site

In order to welcome \"4.26 World Intellectual Property Day \" and \"5.10 China Brand Day \", the Nantong Municipal Trademark Strategy Implementation Leading Group Office and the Nantong Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly organized the 2018\"My Favorite Nantong Ten Best trademark \"selection activity. After public election, WeChat voting, expert review, and comprehensive evaluation, the company's\"Ding\" brand trademark was elected in 2018\"\" My favorite Nantong top ten trademark\"and an award ceremony was held in Nantong on May 7.

As an important part of the enterprise's development strategy, the trademark strategy will continue to increase brand building efforts, continuously enhance brand value and expand brand effects, and make new changes for \"强 富 美 高 \" New Nantong and brand strong city construction Great contribution. (Zhou Meng, New Materials Enterprise Management Department of Jiuding)

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