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Jiuding New Materials Enterprise Management Department organized workshop safety inspection

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On July 13th, Jiuding New Materials Enterprise Management Department organized a workshop safety inspection. Group Chairman Gu Qingbo participated in the inspection and made comments.

The focus of this inspection is to check the implementation status of the safety risk classification control of the product department and the investigation and treatment of hidden accidents \"dual prevention mechanism \". The inspectors systematically sorted out the hidden dangers and management problems existing on the site by looking at the site, checking the data, and asking employees, and put forward rectification requirements.

At the same time, in order to improve the ability of production management personnel to find problems and find hidden dangers, this inspection is divided into two groups. The relevant personnel of this product department form a self-examination group, and the production managers of other product departments form a mutual inspection group. Track within two groups. After the inspection, the two groups reported separately, and the Enterprise Management Department made supplements and comments. Through this form, the inspectors have a better grasp of the inspection content, requirements and methods in practice, so that they can be more practically applied to their respective safety management work.

Finally, the group chairman Gu Qingbo made a comment. Gu Qingbo emphasized that through this activity, the safety awareness and safety management level of production management personnel have been greatly improved, but there is still a gap between different departments and personnel. We must pay close attention to upgrade and catch up. Gu Qingbo requested that the product department should always be aware of risks. If any hidden dangers can be rectified immediately, the site must be rectified immediately. If there is a large hidden danger that cannot be rectified immediately, the operation should be stopped and the operation should be resumed after the rectification is evaluated. Gu Qingbo once again emphasized that safety is the prerequisite and guarantee of other activities such as production. Even if the production tasks are completed well, as long as safety management is not in place, it cannot be called a qualified manager. Only by continuously improving safety awareness and safety management capabilities can comprehensive improvement be achieved Comprehensive management capabilities and levels to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. (Zhou Zhixin, Corporate Management Department)

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