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"Jiuding New Material" won the title of "China Building Materials Industry Top 500 Enterprises" once again

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New era for the implementation of the jinping the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party's 19 big spirit, in-depth study appreciate xi general secretary in entrepreneurship symposium's important speech spirit, the leading building materials enterprises in constructing in domestic large cycle as the main body, in the domestic and international dual cycle of mutual promotion in the new development pattern, have the courage to bear, positive as, continuous innovation, improve the enterprise vitality and competitiveness, realize the sustainable and healthy development, China Building Materials Enterprise Management Association held the "2020 China Building Materials Enterprise Development Forum and 2020 China Building Materials Enterprise Top 500 Series Event Press Conference" in Hefei, Anhui Province on November 4, 2016.

This "China building materials enterprise development forum" with "new infrastructure, new opportunities, new momentum" as the theme, focus on the post-epidemic era building materials enterprise direction control, transformation and upgrading and risk avoidance methods and approaches. Meeting in addition to invite industry management departments extensive communication, leadership, well-known enterprise leadership also specially invited professor of anhui provincial party committee party school vice principal, vino dc.the influence has carried on the analysis of the current economic situation at home and abroad "and the economic system reform in our country's speech, guest professor in the school of management at university of science and technology of China, PhD supervisor zhi-ying liu made after the outbreak of era and to the economic situation and development of enterprises" report.

The series of press conferences of China's top 500 building materials enterprises are held once a year, which has a great influence in the industry and is known as the "vane" of China's building materials industry. The evaluation results have become an important standard to comprehensively evaluate the comprehensive strength and industry status of related enterprises in the building materials industry. This conference also carries on the awarding to the shortlisted enterprise. This year, Jiuding New Materials ranked No. 239 on China's top 500 building materials list, up 37 places from No. 276 in 2019, which is the largest increase in its ranking since it has been listed in China's top 500 building materials for 12 consecutive years.

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