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Jiuding New Material held 1234+N fire standardization management knowledge training

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-26      Origin: Site

In order to further implement the main responsibility of fire safety, and constantly improve the level of fire safety management, on the afternoon of October 10, Jiuding New materials held 1234+N fire standardization management knowledge training in the third floor training classroom. The person in charge of each product department, production manager and safety officer of Jiuding New Material participated in the training.

The main contents of the training include:

First, improve the fire safety system and operating procedures;

Second, determine the fire control safety responsibility and manager, key parts to determine the fire safety;

Three, standard fire fighting and emergency rescue preplan, fire fighting archives, fire safety identification;

Four, carry out fire prevention inspections, check, implement the fire control facilities and equipment inspection, maintenance regularly, to carry out the fire drill, the implementation of staff education and training;

Five, promote the implementation of other fire safety responsibility.

Through this training, participants have a further understanding of 1234+N fire standardization management mechanism, and finally redeploy the key work of fire safety in the near future.

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