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Jiuding New Material Waste Gas Recovery and Utilization Technology won the National Building Material Industry Technology Innovation Award-Third Prize in Technology Development Category

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News on April 27, the 2018\"Nanjing Fiberglass Institute Cup\" National Building Materials Industry Technology Innovation Award Recognition Meeting was held in Harbin. Jiuding New Materials'\"\" Coating Layer Organic Waste Gas Recovery Combustion Recycling Unit\"\" project won the third prize in the technical development category.
The project is aimed at the problem of volatile emission of organic flux during the drying process of the phenolic resin coating on the surface of the glass fiber fabric. The fan is used to suck the exhaust gas into the exhaust gas incinerator for combustion, and the generated heat is used to reheat the unit to reach resources. The purpose of recycling and protecting the environment. The equipment of this project is reliable and practical, safe and environmentally friendly, and the operation is intelligent. The project is innovative, advanced in technology, and has certain economic and social benefits, which has promoted the progress and development of the industry.
It is reported that the project declaration and recommendation of the National Building Materials Industry Technical Innovation Awards will be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations in the\"Building Material Industry Technical Innovation Awards Management Measures\" and\"Implementation Rules.\" The recommended units of the Technology Innovation Awards of each province, autonomous region and municipality directly under the Central Government strictly organize the application and review of the project according to the content requirements of the three categories of \"technical transformation \", \"technical development \" and \"technical engineering method \". Among the projects in the third prize of the Building Materials Industry Technology Innovation Award in this province, autonomous region, and municipality directly under the Central Government, the National Building Materials Industry Technology Innovation Award participating projects were selected and recommended. (The Party and the masses organized Pei Pei)

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