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Jiuding Group Held a Phased Work Discussion Meeting (Phase 2)

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-05-30      Origin: Site

In the afternoon of May 30, Jiuding Group held a staged work discussion meeting (the second phase). The meeting was chaired by the chairman of the group Gu Qingbo, and the relevant persons in charge of each company and responsible body and key personnel attended the meeting.

The person in charge of the relevant responsible body focused on market development, product process improvement, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, quality improvement, etc., and reported on their respective previous operations and subsequent work deployment.

Chairman Gu Qingbo pointed out that each department should not only consider the quality and cost requirements of the department and the process when carrying out product process improvement and innovation, but must have a systematic management thinking, comprehensively consider the quality impact on the final product, and all Cost, this should become a system, there must be nothing missing.
Chairman Gu Qingbo emphasized that the current work has been greatly improved compared with the past, but it cannot be satisfied in this regard. It is necessary to establish the concept of benchmarking and use the method of\"level, trend, comparison, integration\" to evaluate the results, and Competing with competitors and industry benchmarks, going out to learn, and constantly improving and innovating, can achieve sustainable development of the enterprise on the basis of meeting customer needs.
Chairman Gu Qingbo demanded that leaders must have foresight and insight, and that there can be no foresight without insight, and all opportunities should be used to learn and improve. This meeting provided such an opportunity for participants. Everyone should study and study carefully and fill in the shortcomings quickly. Board, can not appear partial. Only through continuous learning and improvement can we better understand the current global economic competition situation, comprehensively identify risks and opportunities, and take appropriate measures to ensure sustainable development. (Zhou Zhixin, Corporate Management Department)

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