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Jiuding Group Held Phased Work Discussion Meeting (Phase III)

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In the afternoon of June 6, Jiuding Group held a staged work discussion meeting (the third period). The meeting was chaired by the chairman of the group Gu Qingbo, and the relevant persons in charge of the companies and responsible bodies and key personnel attended the meeting.

The person in charge of the relevant responsible body made an overall report on the operation of this stage, focusing on market development, product process improvement, quality improvement, etc., and proposed the following for the impact of a series of factors such as the severe international trade situation and the national economic downturn. MLA.

Chairman Gu Qingbo pointed out that in the face of the rapidly changing market situation, all departments should improve their rapid response capabilities, and while actively serving customers, they must actively understand the essential requirements for the use value of products to customers, discover the potential requirements of customers, and provide products for customers. Development and technology upgrade provide direction, further improve the quality of operation, and accelerate the pace of innovation.
Chairman Gu Qingbo emphasized that we must establish the concept of benchmarking, use \"level, trend, comparison, integration \" to evaluate the results, compare with competitors and industry benchmarks, go out to learn, continue to carry out technological innovation, and strive to For the innovation of the production process, the focus is on developing high-performance products, and achieving the sustainable development of the enterprise while seizing the market.
Chairman Gu Qingbo requested that we should strengthen the foundation management work to avoid the recurrence of accidents, seize the opportunity, strive to serve as the industry benchmark, focus on design innovation and management innovation, conscientiously summarize yesterday, do today, plan tomorrow, and work hard Be a sustainable enterprise. (The Party and the masses organized Pei Pei)

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