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Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance visited Jiuding to investigate tax reduction

Views: 5     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-23      Origin: Site

In the afternoon of June 13, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance, accompanied by city leaders, went to Jiuding to carry out a survey on tax reduction and fee reduction. Group Chairman Gu Qingbo, Group Vice Chairman Miao Zhen, and Jiuding New Materials Financial Director Feng Jianbing participated in the research forum.

Accompanied by the group chairman, the Provincial Department of Finance visited the exhibition hall on the first floor of Jiuding New Materials and learned about the company's series of main products and corporate culture.

During the discussion, the chairman of the group Gu Qingbo reported on the basic situation of Jiuding and the production and operation in the early stages of 2018 and 2019, and then elaborated on the enjoyment of tax reductions and fees by enterprises, and said that it was mainly due to local governments, finance, taxation and social security. The strong guidance and care of administrative departments at all levels, such as ensuring the implementation of tax reduction and fee reduction policies and full enjoyment of enterprises, have strengthened the confidence and determination of enterprises to overcome difficulties in the complex and difficult domestic and foreign economic environment, with strong and effective support The development of the enterprise.
Chairman Gu Qingbo said that enterprises are still facing difficulties in financing, expensive financing, and difficulty in recruiting workers, and put forward opinions and suggestions on increasing policy support and helping companies to introduce and train talents. They expect financial departments to encourage financial institutions to support through tax leverage adjustments The real economy and excellent talents can serve the real economy with peace of mind and boost the development of the manufacturing industry. (The Party and the masses organized Pei Pei)

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