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Jiangsu Economic and Information Commission Shuangzhi CEO Class and his party visited the group

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-24      Origin: Site

On May 24th, Jiangsu Economic and Information Commission Shuangzhi President Class and his party visited Jiuding Group. Group General Manager Feng Yongzhao received and introduced the group's development in recent years.

In the afternoon, accompanied by General Manager Feng Yongzhao, the delegation of the president of the Economic and Information Commission visited the first-line workshops such as Jiuding New Material Continuous Felt Workshop, Chi Kiln Workshop, and Warp Knitting Workshop. Later in the meeting room, General Manager Feng Yongzhao introduced to you the new material and new energy as the core, real estate, construction, home textiles and other eclectic, common development of the industrial pattern and the development of the group in recent years. The president class and his party fully affirmed Jiuding Group's development model and achievements. (World Wind Energy Chen Yan)

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