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In 2018, the city's economic work conference was held, Jiuding won many honorary awards

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On the afternoon of February 8, the city's economic work conference in 2018 was held in the auditorium of the city's administrative center. It implemented the spirit of the central and provincial economic work conferences and the sixteenth plenary (expansion) meetings of the twelfth municipal party committee, mobilizing the city to implement the new development concept and focus \"Four comprehensive\", the construction of the Juli project, efforts to promote the city's economic development quality change, efficiency change, power change, and lay a solid foundation for the forefront of building a well-off society in Nantong at a high level. City leaders Chen Xiaodong, He Yijun, Wu Daojian, Zhang Yuanjian, Ding Xinghua and other city leaders attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Ding Xinghua, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, and Ding Feng, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal party committee and executive deputy mayor, announced the commendation decision. The meeting commended advanced collectives and advanced individuals. The heads of some units made an exchange speech at the meeting.

Jiuding Group won the 2017 Rugao Top Ten Industrial Taxpaying Enterprise, Jiuding New Materials \"One-step Glass Fiber Continuous Scroll Felt Forming Method \" Technology won \"China Good Technology \" Award, Jiuding Group Chairman Gu Qingbo won Rugao City \" Five-star entrepreneur title.

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