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High temperature condolences send cool feelings, warm feelings on the first line-Yan Shibin, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, and Su Xiaoyan, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, condolences to the first-line employees of Jiuding

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Since the fall, the scorching sun has brought no small challenge to the vast number of employees struggling on the front line of production. On July 26, Yan Shibin, vice chairman of Rugao CPPCC, and Su Xiaoyan, vice chairman of Rugao Federation of Trade Unions, arrived at Jiuding. Jiang Yongjian, chairman of the union of Jiuding Group, accompanied the consolation team to the frontline workers and sent towels and other heatstroke cooling condolences While bringing coolness, I would like to express my cordial condolences and sincere gratitude to them, and the employees are greatly encouraged.

Chairman Yan delivered cool to the employees of the reprocessing workshop of the wheel network

Everywhere, Chairman Yan shook hands with the cadres and employees, he sent a piece of condolences to the employees, kindly said a hard sentence! He also carefully inquired about the current production and operation conditions and the working conditions of his employees. Seeing that employees are still sticking to their posts in high-temperature environments, he urged everyone to ensure their safety in production while doing their own heatstroke prevention and labor protection, reasonable Arrange work and rest time, enhance self-protection awareness, and do well in the work related to peak summer.

The greetings and instructions from the sympathy team and the company moved the front-line employees very much. They expressed that they would tighten the string of safety, do all the precautions, diligently inspect and eliminate hidden dangers, and do a good job in safe construction and safe production in high temperature seasons. , High-quality, high-standard completion of work tasks.

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