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Gu Roujian, General Manager of Jiuding New Materials, won the title of\"Outstanding Young Entrepreneur in Rugao City\"

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On May 3rd, in Rugao commemorating the 99th anniversary of the May 4th Movement and \"Rugao Outstanding (Excellent) Young Entrepreneurs \" commendation meeting, Gu Roujian, general manager of Jiuding New Materials, was awarded the title of\"Rugao Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs \" .

【Awards speech】

Gu Roujian, General Manager of Jiangsu Jiuding New Materials Co., Ltd .:

As an entrepreneur of\"Creative Second Generation\", he is committed to entrepreneurship with entrepreneurial spirit, innovating in inheritance, and leading Jiuding New Materials on a new round of development channels.

Gu Roujian, male, born in March 1975, is currently the general manager of Jiangsu Jiuding New Materials Co., Ltd. During his tenure, Comrade Gu Roujian actively carried out all aspects of work, effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and accelerated the pace of development of enterprises.

Focus on market development and lay a solid foundation for enterprise development

Market development is the prerequisite for all work. Only by strengthening market development and planning and constantly researching new marketing development models and methods can the end value of products be realized. As the general manager of the company, Comrade Gu Roujian paid special attention and attention to market development. After years of development, the new materials industry now has a relatively professional team and certain international and domestic sales experience, but further integration of forces is required. One is to adjust the international sales channels for existing industries and radiate a wider range of high-end international markets; on the other hand, strengthen the development of the domestic market. Through the adjustment of the domestic and foreign sales market structure, market risks are reasonably avoided.

With technology research and development as the starting point, we will explore the road of enterprise innovation.

\"Science and technology is the first productive force \", independent innovation is the first competitiveness of the enterprise. All the activities of the enterprise are aimed at the highest efficiency and quality, and the best way to achieve the goal is innovation. Comrade Gu Roujian regularly organized the company's technical R & D personnel to hold technical seminars to discuss new technologies together. At present, Jiuding has established itself in the field of glass fiber deep-processed products and adheres to the path of innovation and development. The technology, types and scale of products have been continuously improved and expanded. The company has more than 400 employees engaged in technology development, and has continuously increased investment in technological transformation. After continuous innovation, Jiuding has made great achievements. At present, it has more than ten national key new products and provincial high-tech products. More than one hundred products (technology) have obtained national patents. More than 60% of the products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc. 50 Many countries and regions.

Take internal management as an opportunity to achieve excellent development of the enterprise.

Improving the management and operation of enterprises is the eternal theme of enterprises. High costs, low efficiency, and bloated institutions not only affect the economic benefits of the enterprise, but also reduce the company's overall competitiveness and squeeze the living space. Comrade Gu Roujian has always attached great importance to management innovation. Through measures such as the adjustment of institutional mechanisms, establishment of management systems, optimization of organizational processes, and control of production processes, he has continuously improved the level of enterprise operations. In recent years, the company has gradually introduced the excellent performance management model and the amoeba business model, which not only provides theoretical support for enterprise development, but also provides a way for personal development, which promotes the improvement of enterprise management.

Supported by the integration of talents, build a high-quality enterprise team.

Gu Roujian always insists on putting people first, integrates enterprise development goals with the goal of achieving comprehensive development of employees, and truly cares about employees from the perspective of personnel training, employment mechanism, and safeguard measures, and seeks the common development of employees and enterprises. On the one hand, we will vigorously introduce excellent talents, on the other hand, we will train employees to become talents, integrate talents, and improve the overall quality of the enterprise. People do their best, and they do their best. On the big stage of Jiuding, all talents show their abilities. For every employee who contributes to the enterprise, Jiuding reported on economic, spiritual, and knowledge incentives to encourage greater progress of employees, drive other employees, and inject new vitality into the enterprise.

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