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Gu Qingbo Lamo Innovation Studio | Strive to make achievements in the journey to achieve Jiuding \"Double Hundred \"

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Newspaper News September 27, Rugao held a model promotion studio construction and model party branch \"fire project \" on-site promotion meeting. In the morning, there were more than 60 comrades in charge of Zhou Tairong and Zhou Weikuan, vice chairman of the municipal federation of trade unions, the town (district, street) (general) trade unions, related industries (systems), group companies and related directly affiliated unions of the city and some labor unions Visited Gu Qingbo Lamo Innovation Studio.

In 2009, the company successfully created Jiuding Model Innovation Studio, forming Gu Qingbo, Jiang Hu, Feng Yongzhao and Zhao Jianyuan innovation teams. In 2012, the studio won the title of\"Nantong Top Ten Lamo Innovation Studio\". In order to better play the role of model workers, promote the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, and adapt to the development of enterprises in the new era, Jiuding Model Workers Innovation Studio has readjusted to create a model worker innovation studio named after Gu Qingbo, a national model worker, group party secretary and chairman At the same time, set up a technical innovation group, a management innovation group and a market development group, with model workers and senior executives as team leaders and deputy team leaders. At the same time, recruit model workers and key employees at all levels as team members. 41 people.

At present, 32 people in Gu Qingbo's model innovation studio are full members of the Communist Party of China. The studio will strive to effectively combine the persistence of the advanced nature of party members and the promotion of the spirit of model workers by carrying out activities within the party. At the same time, establish a pioneer position of party members, through training and selection of a group of rigorous and pragmatic style, solid theoretical knowledge, superb skill level, technical skills and strong ability to tackle key problems, give full play to their vanguard role, and continuously improve the political quality of the studio And business qualities.

Since 2012, the studio has successfully applied for 101 patents, including 55 invention patents and 46 practical patents. Under the long-term efforts and research of the innovation team with Comrade Gu Qingbo as the core, it successfully developed the one-step molding continuous glass fiber scroll felt technology with independent intellectual property rights, which filled the domestic gap. This technology won \"China Good Technology Award \" and \"China Patent Excellence Award \" in 2017. (Yao Jing, Party and Mass Office)

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