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Glass fiber bulked fabric products

Ding brand fiberglass wallcovering
Ding brand wall cloth is made of first-class glass fiber weaving, which is a very elastic fiber composite surface material.
Pure natural raw materials ensure that it is completely environmentally friendly, and has passed the international Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standard certification (textile hazardous substance test certification standard).

Roof tarps
The glass fiber waterproof cloth is woven from glass fiber bulked yarn and is treated with a special coating. It is an ideal base material for asphalt waterproof membrane.

Roof tarps

1. Good adhesion to asphalt and good positioning

2. High flexibility and strong tensile strength

3. Corrosion resistance and long life

Glass fiber bulked fabric products

Hotels / hotels, museums / art galleries, department stores / shops, office premises, hospitals / clinics, industrial areas, residential buildings

Roof tarps

1. Asphalt roof waterproof material base material

2. Pipeline waterproof and thermal insulation bandage base material

Roof tarps

REC0120G, RECO130G, RECO180G


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