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Get together for the festive season

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-02-21      Origin: Site

According to the tradition of the past years, on the sixth day of the first month of this year, the New Year Tea Party of the Dog Year of the Jiuding Group kicked off in the company's large conference room, and all the middle and senior management staff gathered to celebrate the festival.

Along with the festive sound of firecrackers and the melody of Jiuding's song, the group's chairman Gu Qingbo sent a festive greeting to everyone, simply deployed the work in 2018, and sent a red scarf representing good wishes to the employees of this year. The song\"Birth in love with each other\" sung by employees in this year mobilized the atmosphere of the audience.

The tea party will divide the participants into five groups, and interact through the form of answering questions or games. The higher the correct answer rate, the more chances of winning the lottery. In the game session \"Wolfing \", everyone tried their best to show us all kinds of eating, which made the audience laugh. The game \"Insight \" made the players on stage confused, and had to try to search the memory in the brain according to the host ’s problems. In the answering section, each group also worked hard and worked hard to win the greatest honor for their team. After the interactive session, all the groups have gained a lot, and the tea party will draw a happy ending in a joyful atmosphere.

In the new year and new weather, everyone will go all out in their posts, pragmatic and realistic, and jointly contribute to the beautiful blueprint of the nine dreams. (Song Huiwen, General Manager's Office)

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