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First-line production | Grinding wheel product department establishes a rapid response mechanism for hidden danger rectification

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-16      Origin: Site

According to the list of issues on-site inspection by the Enterprise Management Department on July 13 and the specific requirements for hidden danger rectification, the Grinding Wheel Products Department has established a rapid response mechanism for hidden danger rectification.

According to the actual production situation, the product department establishes a hidden danger rectification team with the main person in charge as the team leader, the workshop person in charge as the deputy team leader, safety officer, team leader, security worker, electrician, post employee, etc. Security risk grading control and accident hidden trouble investigation and management \"dual prevention mechanism \" requirements are implemented one after another. Those that can be rectified immediately will be rectified on the spot; if they cannot be rectified immediately, a rectification measure table shall be established in accordance with the requirements of excellent performance to clarify the responsible person , Rectification time, forming a gradual rectification, rectification within a time limit; for large hidden dangers, stop the operation, evaluate the rectification and then resume the operation, such as the problem of woodworking violations of the use of hand-held cutting machines that are more prominent in this inspection, stop the operation immediately, temporarily accept Work tools, establish safe operating procedures, and resume operations after training and education.

In this rectification, we advocate the method of rectification, education, and improvement, not only to publicize the laws and regulations on fire protection, safety and environmental protection production and common knowledge of safe production operations to employees based on the actual operation of employees ’positions, but also to combine actual operations and employee positions. \"One picture, one table, three cards and eight must \" discussion and study, aiming to create a safe and secure working environment for the majority of employees, improve employees ’awareness and level of safety in production, form mass prevention and governance, and create \" Everyone is responsible for the safety management of the\"strong atmosphere\"; to create a\"harmonious team where everyone manages safety, everyone wants safety, and everyone guarantees safety\", in a true sense,\"life first, safe development\". (Xu Jun, Product Department of Grinding Wheel Network)

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