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Fiber tape

Jiangsu Jiuding New Materials Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the adhesive tape industry for more than ten years. It has imported advanced production equipment and technology from abroad, has multiple production coating lines, and has more than ten years of technical personnel engaged in adhesive manufacturing , With advanced professional and complete testing equipment, analytical instruments, has the ability to continuously develop new products independently. The annual production volume of glass fiber tape exceeds 1,000 square meters. It is one of the domestic advanced glass fiber tape professional manufacturers. The product quality is stable and the price is reasonable. It is deeply supported and trusted by our customers. Products are sold all over the country, and exported products are exported to Europe and Southeast Asian countries.

Fiber tape has higher tensile strength and lower elongation, has better weather resistance, and can meet the requirements of various types of packaging, fixing, strapping and sealing in different environments.

A. Straight grain series

B. Grid series

C. Double-sided series


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