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Feeling at the European Power Exhibition

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-02      Origin: Site

From June 17 to June 30, under the leadership of the company's deputy general manager Fan Xiangyang, the Profile Products Department participated in the Austrian Electric Power Exhibition and visited relevant European customers.

During the exhibition, we received dozens of customers. At the same time, because some exhibitors are also our target customers, we took the initiative to introduce our profile products to the other party's booth. Judging from the effect of the exhibition, although the number of customers we received is not very large, it has yielded a lot.

This is the third time that the Profile Products Department has participated in such a meeting, and every time it takes part, it is rewarding. In the first exhibition, we had a substantive cooperation with a company in Eastern Europe, and the current transaction volume was significant; in the second exhibition, we had an in-depth negotiation with another company in Eastern Europe, and the cooperation between the two parties was also triggered; this time, we contacted A relatively large company in Canada, if it can cooperate, the turnover will be considerable. In addition, several companies have a strong interest in our products, have requested samples and pictures, and hope to contact us further .

We entered the cooling tower industry relatively early. Through market research, we obtained information from many large cooling tower companies and contacted them. However, because these large companies have rich supplier resources, they have a great say in product pricing, and even if they cooperate with them, the profit is not very high.

On the contrary, some local small-scale cooling tower companies are limited to information asymmetry and supplier resources are scarce. Our arrival opens a window for their external purchases. Through our guarantee of product quality and service, they can obtain products of higher quality and better quality than local prices. At the same time, our prices are relatively suitable and the profits are more substantial. Taken together, these smaller cooling tower companies are more inclined to choose us to cooperate.

For the exhibition itself, I always think that the deal is the truth and the order is king. Measuring whether an exhibition is worth attending depends on whether you can get the ideal order through the exhibition. (Zhu Xiaoxiang, Profile Products Department)

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