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FRP vertical tank / horizontal tank

Jiangsu Jiuding New Materials Co., Ltd. introduced large-scale on-site vertical winding equipment and design, manufacturing technology from the United States in the 1990s, and imported horizontal horizontal winding equipment from Italian technology in the same period. It is a professional manufacturer of glass fiber reinforced plastic containers in China (listed company , Stock name: Jiuding New Materials, stock code: 002201), the maximum diameter of the produced FRP container is 25000mm, and the volume reaches 2500m3.\"Ding\" brand winding glass fiber reinforced plastic vertical and horizontal storage tanks are made of continuous alkali-free glass fiber roving as the reinforcing material, using thermosetting resin as the matrix material, and are manufactured by the computer-controlled winding equipment. The main materials are: resin, fiber felt, glass fiber winding yarn, etc.

1. Excellent physical properties: The specific gravity of FRP is usually 1.4-2.1g / cm3, which is only 1/4 of that of steel. The specific strength is higher than steel, cast iron and plastic, and the circumferential tensile strength can reach 330MPa. The coefficient of thermal expansion of FRP is roughly equivalent to that of steel, and the coefficient of thermal conductivity is only 0.5% of that of steel. The winding shaped glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank is light in weight, which is convenient for transportation and lifting.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance, long service life: excellent resin properties give FRP storage tanks excellent corrosion resistance. When storing corrosive media, FRP shows superiority that other materials cannot match Resistant to various acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents. The glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank has a smooth surface and is not easy to attach foreign pollutants. The resin has excellent weather resistance, and can be used normally under long-term sunlight and rain without maintenance. The service life can reach more than 25 years.

3. Strong designability and excellent tank wall structure performance: FRP material is anisotropic material, and the best mechanics can be obtained by designing the proportion of constituent materials, the direction of reinforcing material, the number of auxiliary layers, the order of auxiliary layers, etc. Performance to meet the needs of different media and working conditions. Through the design of structural layer thickness, winding angle and wall thickness structure to adjust the carrying capacity of the tank body, glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks and non-standard devices with different pressure levels or certain special properties are made. This is because isotropic metal materials cannot Compared.

4. Environmental protection, non-toxic and other properties: FRP material has stable performance and no toxic substance volatilization, which meets the requirements of food-grade containers. Adding appropriate amount of additives or special treatment in the manufacturing process can make the FRP material have special performance. Such as strong wear resistance, insulation, conductivity and flame retardancy.

FRP vertical and horizontal storage tanks are widely used in chlor-alkali, pesticide, organic silicon, citric acid, compound fertilizer, titanium white, electroplating, metallurgy, papermaking, petrochemical, sewage treatment, food, electronics and other industries, suitable for acid-resistant storage tanks (Hydrochloric acid tank, sulfuric acid tank, phosphoric acid tank, nitric acid tank, organic acid tank, fluorosilicic acid tank, hydrofluoric acid tank, etc.), alkali-resistant storage tank, brine storage tank, sewage storage tank, FRP / PVC (FRP / PVC), FRP / PP composite tank, etc.

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