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FRP smoke tower in one

Jiangsu Jiuding New Materials Co., Ltd. introduced large-scale on-site vertical winding equipment and design, manufacturing technology from the United States in the 1990s, and imported horizontal horizontal winding equipment from Italian technology during the same period. At the same time, it independently developed on-site large-scale horizontal winding equipment in 2010. The equipment is a professional manufacturer of glass fiber reinforced plastic flue in China (listed company, stock name: Jiuding New Materials, stock code: 002201). The maximum diameter of the glass fiber reinforced plastic flue is 12000mm. \"Ding\" brand winding glass fiber reinforced plastic vertical and horizontal equipment is made of continuous alkali-free glass fiber roving as the reinforcing material, using thermosetting resin as the matrix material, and manufactured by the computer-controlled winding equipment. The main materials are: resin, fiber felt, glass fiber winding yarn, etc.

The so-called \"smoke tower integration \" means that the exhaust gas of the power plant is no longer discharged to the atmosphere through the chimney, but is sent to the hyperbolic cooling tower through the flue, and the exhaust gas is brought to the upper air by the water vapor in the tower. , The flue and the cooling tower are integrated to form an exhaust system. \"Tobacco tower integration \" Because the traditional chimney is eliminated, the civil engineering cost is saved; because the cooling tower water vapor is used to take off the exhaust gas, the booster fan is omitted, and the equipment cost and fan operating cost (electricity cost) are saved. According to calculations, the use of the integrated smoke tower can save enterprises more than 50 million yuan in cost, and at the same time make the exhaust emissions meet the environmental protection requirements, with a purification rate of 97.5%. At the same time, because the chimney discharge height is 300 meters and the cooling tower discharge height is 500 meters, the diffusion range of the exhaust gas is increased, and the floor sulfur content is relatively reduced (less than 400mg / m3).

Flue gas desulfurization is the main measure for controlling SO2 emissions in coal-fired power plants today, and wet limestone scrubbing is currently the most widely used and most mature process in various countries in the world. It is also the leading process of flue gas desulfurization in thermal power plants. Due to the high requirements for the material selection of the net flue gas pipes inside the cooling tower, the FRP / composite material has the characteristics of strong chemical resistance, long life, light weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength, and can withstand high thermal stress. Therefore, it has become the best material for the flue of flue gas cooling tower.

Specifications: diameter below 12000mm 2. Temperature resistance: below 220 ℃

The FRP flue is used, and the flue gas after desulfurization does not need to be heated above the dew point. The use of the FRP flue can save investment and is an economical choice. More importantly, the integrated tower technology can increase the lifting height of the net flue gas after desulfurization, which is conducive to reducing pollution. It is an inevitable development direction for domestic thermal power plants in the future. 1. Specification: DN10-25000 2. Temperature resistance: below 220 ℃ \"smoke tower integration\" means that the exhaust gas of the power plant is no longer discharged to the atmosphere through the chimney, but through the flue to the hyperbolic cooling tower, from the tower The flue discharges the flue gas after desulfurization at high altitude, and the flue and cooling tower are integrated to form an exhaust system. The reason why the flue is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials in the smoke tower integration project is because its corrosion resistance and durability are very good, the service life is long, and the cost is saved. The service life is up to 30 years, which is in line with the life cycle of the thermal power plant, avoiding the economic loss and trouble caused by the replacement of the pipe. Save the cost of anti-corrosion of flue. At the same time, the glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe has a light weight and no bracket support, which saves the cost of this part of the construction.

\"Smoke tower integration \" The use of glass fiber reinforced plastics composite materials to make flue, environmental protection is of great significance. \"Tobacco Towers \" technology was developed by Germany and currently only used in 4 European countries including Germany. The cooling tower is used to discharge the exhaust gas, and the purification rate of the exhaust gas reaches 97.5%, especially the ground concentration of the exhaust gas is better than that of the chimney. The discharge height of the chimney is about 300 meters, and the discharge height of the cooling tower is 500 meters. The diffusion range of the treated exhaust gas is increased, and the ground concentration of carbides can be reduced to below 400 mg / m3. At the same time, the FRP flue can also reduce the power consumption and operating costs of thermal power plant equipment; eliminating traditional chimneys and saving civil engineering costs; due to the use of cooling tower water vapor to take away the exhaust gas, eliminating the need for booster fans, saving equipment costs and Fan power consumption.

Product specifications: specifications: DN10-25000 2. Temperature resistance: below 220 ℃

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