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FRP smoke exhaust inner tube

The glass fiber reinforced plastic smoke exhaust inner cylinder system is composed of an inner lining layer (inner surface layer + impermeable layer), a strength layer (structural layer), and an outer protective layer (outer surface layer). The inner lining is in direct contact with the emitted smoke, and the structural layer mainly provides mechanical properties to ensure the strength, stability, and safety of the inner wall of the smoke exhaust; the outer surface layer (also called the outer protective layer) should have UV protection and Aging and other properties. The inner lining layer is a chopped fiber impregnated with resin sprayed on the surface of a mandrel controlled by a microcomputer, and then thickened and reinforced with other fiber fabrics impregnated with resin. In the structural layer, the fibers impregnated with a certain amount of resin are evenly and uniformly wound on the outer surface of the inner liner on the mandrel according to the designed linear shape, and solidified with the inner liner to form an overall structure. Finally, the outer protective layer of a certain thickness is painted on the surface of the cylinder body. The barrel is usually made in sections.

1. Excellent corrosion resistance. The flue gas contains quite a lot of HCL, H2SO4, and other strong chemicals. The corrosion resistance is very good.

2. The cylinder is made by integral winding, with strong structural integrity. , No corrosion weakness

3. High cost performance and low life-span cost. Under the design conditions, the maintenance-free service life should not be less than 20 years.

4. The product has strong designability, and can be customized according to different needs of customers.

Continuous conductivity: ≤1MΩ

Barcol hardness HBA: ≥40

Density: g / cm3: ≈1.8

Heat distortion temperature: The maximum temperature resistance is not less than 120 ℃

Oxygen index: ≥30%

Tensile strength MPA: ≥180

Barrel diameter: 2-12 meters, special specifications can be customized.

Length: made according to engineering requirements

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