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Coated abrasive

The new coated abrasive products developed and produced by Jiuding New Materials—grid abrasive cloth, sponge sand block, etc. have excellent characteristics such as high grinding rate, good waterproof performance, good compliance, and long service life. They are alternative products for abrasive paper abrasive cloth. Won the trust of customers in the international market with excellent quality and good feedback.

High grinding efficiency, good chip removal performance, excellent water resistance and long service life. It can be used to polish the corners, uneven and flat surfaces of wood, metal, paint, plastic products, ceramic products and wall surfaces. Soft and durable, it can be polished to areas that sandpaper can't. Can be cleaned, there are various combinations of different sizes and particle sizes. The surface is coated with alumina or silicon carbide abrasives. According to the sponge, it is divided into four qualities: low density, medium density, high density, EVA

Double-sided sand planting, dedicated to the painting and polishing of floors and walls, and the removal, grinding and polishing of various metal surfaces.

Easy to use, high utilization rate, good elasticity and certain hardness, will not scratch the workpiece, and changes according to the shape of the workpiece


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