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Bearing in mind history and forging ahead

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-22      Origin: Site

On the occasion of the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Party, the company used the screening room on Thursday to organize everyone to watch the historical film\"Hundred Regiments\". The film tells the world's anti-fascist battlefield in 1940 entered the most difficult period, the Chinese Kuomintang on the front battlefield of the anti-Japanese war is losing ground, the Japanese army is pressing hard, the whole of China is in dire straits, in order to smash the Japanese army \"Railways as the pillar For the chain, the stronghold is the\"\" prisoner policy \". The Communist Party of China led the Eighth Route Army, the New Fourth Army and the Japanese Army to launch the largest and longest-lasting battle in the history of the Anti-Japanese War in the border area of ​​Jinchaji, North China. Regiment battle.

The film has a tight rhythm and gives a high degree of tension. One of the most impressive is the picture of grabbing the railway brakes: in order to destroy the Japanese railcars, our soldiers rushed to the railway brakes with the guns and rain to pull the train onto the rails of the railroad car. The soldiers in front fell down, and the rear The soldiers continued to rush upward without hesitation. In the end, the Japanese rail car was successfully destroyed by the train. However, the dead bodies of the soldiers sacrificed under the railway gate had piled up like a mountain ... It was precisely because of the spirit of our Chinese people who would rather die and bravely move forward. The hard-won victory in the war of resistance.

After 1990, we were born in a peaceful age and grew up in an era of rapid economic recovery in China. We have not experienced wars, experienced the hardships of inadequate food and clothing, and history has not gone far away from us. A century of humiliation The eight years of difficult anti-Japanese war are all remembered in our hearts.

Today, China has stood among the nations of the world, and the speed of our development has shocked the world. It is all inseparable from the dedication of generations of revolutionary martyrs and the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and from the joint efforts of every enterprise and individual. . As a member of Jiuding, we should continue the blazing patriotic flame that burned in our chests when watching movies to every day of our work and life, remember history, be grateful, be positive, work hard, continuously improve our self-worth, and build better and stronger for construction In order to build a China that makes the world more respectful, Jiuding will never forget its original intention and move forward! (Yan Jiawen, Investment Department)

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