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After watching the screening room on Thursday |

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-24      Origin: Site

This Thursday, the screening room organized to watch the film \"The Great Cause of the Army\", which told the Chinese Communist Party to save the revolution after the failure of the first domestic revolutionary war. Under the guidance of firm ideals and beliefs, combined with China's national conditions, it was determined that the armed forces would seize power The line, creating the story of the People ’s Army led by the Communist Party of China.

The People's Army led by the Communist Party of China is able to move forward on the difficult and tortuous road of national salvation because of its firm beliefs. The strength of one person is limited, but a group of patriotic generals united by common beliefs form an indestructible The power of the stars will eventually become a prairie fire.

The Communist Party of China had been working under the guidance of the Soviet Communist International at the beginning of its establishment. The fundamental reason for the failure of the Great Revolution was that it did not conform to the characteristics of China ’s national conditions. Copying the Western model would only make China more and more chaotic. There is no democracy within China. The road can seize national power.

Iron blood casts the soul of the army, and the spirit of self-denial and protection of the country has been imprinted in the soul of this people's army since the army was founded. Our present happy life is exchanged for blood and life by countless revolutionary martyrs. We must not only enjoy the present For a happy life, we must protect this happiness, build on our own work, and contribute to the cause of socialism. (Wu Wei, Jiuding Group Office)

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