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5018 yarn

HCR5018 alkali-free glass fiber ply-twisted roving is an ideal reinforcing material for thermoplastics. The surface is coated with silane-based infiltrant. It is suitable for the reinforcement of thermoplastics such as PA, PP, PBT, AS / ABS, and has good compatibility with the matrix resin.

1. Uniform tension, good tape forming and smooth yarn output

2. Strong versatility and good compatibility with resin

3. The composite material has excellent mechanical properties and high impact strength

4. The surface of the product is smooth, without floating fiber

5. The infiltrant has good temperature resistance, high temperature will not cause yellowing, and the product color is white

6. ECR glass formula, produced by the kiln method, has passed RoSH, REACH certification, and is an environmentally friendly product.


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